Circuit Board Filter

1. Circuit Board Filter has compact structure and high cost performance.
2. Circuit Board Filter can be customized according to different performance, working current, voltage, external dimensions and other requirements.
3. Circuit Board Filter is used in various power electronic equipment and electronic measuring instruments.

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Features and advantages of Circuit Board Filter:

  • Circuit Board Filter is a high-performance AC filter with excellent common-mode and differential-mode filtering effects.

  • Circuit Board Filter is used in electrical and electronic equipment, consumer electronics, household appliances, medical equipment, data communication equipment, and office automation equipment.

  • Circuit Board Filter is dedicated to circuit boards, double-stage filtering, good high-frequency performance, suitable for suppressing pulse interference.

The circular coil

Specifications of Circuit Board Filter:


Energy storage inductors

The circular coil

Installation Tips for Circuit Board Filter:

1 Installation position: The best position of the Circuit Board Filter should be at the entrance of the power line to shorten the length of the input line in the chassis and reduce the spatial coupling of radiation interference;

2 Grounding: The grounding of the Circuit Board Filter must be good. For filters with metal shells, the shell must be connected to the equipment chassis with low impedance, that is, the shell must be in conductive contact with the panel surface of the chassis, and the ground wire must be connected;

3. Wiring of the input and output terminals of the Circuit Board Filter: The input and output lines of the filter must be kept apart. Do not run parallel lines to avoid coupling between the input and output cables and bypassing the filter, causing Filter failed.

Energy storage inductors

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