Transformers For Control Circuits

1. Transformers For Control Circuits have low temperature rise and small size.
2. The frequency range of Transformers For Control Circuits is wide.
3. Transformers For Control Circuits have high transmission power.


DC transformer is a small dry-type transformer. The functions of the control transformer are:

1. Transformers For Control Circuits can easily obtain the appropriate voltage, and can also change the voltage of the alternating current and change the impedance at the same time.

2. Transformers For Control Circuits can also change the current when the design power is not exceeded.

3. In different environments, Ac transformer has different uses, and it also has the function of anti-interference.

DC transformer

Introduction of Transformers For Control Circuits:

When using a control transformer, you need to pay attention to two aspects: one is the power of the transformer, and the other is the correct wiring. The total power of the load connected to the secondary side cannot be greater than the power of the control transformer, let alone short circuit, otherwise it will cause overheating or even be burned; the primary and secondary wiring of the control transformer cannot be connected incorrectly, especially the primary side Wiring can not be wrong.

 Specifications of Transformers For Control Circuits:

Product brand


Product Name

Transformers For Control Circuits

Work noise

<60 dB

Product packaging

Typesetting and packing, multiple protection

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Ac transformer

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